How To: Clean your crayfish of worms

Clean your crayfish of worms

If your cray fish or crawfish has tiny tiny worms crawling over the shell, watch this how-to video to fix the problem.
The worms are found in almost all Crawfish and harmless, however they're not always visible and f they get too numerous they can be cleaned off.
Get a VERY soft bristled brush (A baby's hair brush to be precise) and brush as many worms off as you can.
Although he was clearly stressed out during the brushing, he's much happier now and much more active!

If you decide to do this please bare these notes in mind:

1) The worms are harmless. Unless you think your Crawfish is in some amount of discomfort it isn't worth the stress of having him cleaned off

2) If you use tongs (as we did) don't grip hard! They may have hard shells but they're very fragile compared to anything you might use to grasp them with

3) Use a very soft brush, especially if you want to brush the under-side. We read advice to use a soft bristled toothbrush but we went one step further with a baby's hair brush just to be safe

4) Keep a spray bottle with spring water/dechlorinated water that's the same temperature as the water the crawfish has been living in. If he starts getting too excited and stressed out a gentle spray seemed to calm our crawfish down.

5) As I'd recommend with all animal grooming that can stress out the animal: Only do this if it's for the benefit of the animal! Not just because you think the worms are gross or want to see what the crawfish will do.

6) Never let your crawfish out of water for long! They need to be constantly wet (Another advantage to the spraybottle) and must not be out of water for longer than absolutely needed! Make sure you have him in a bowl of shallow water as we did in this video...

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